uLocate’s GPS widget platform to launch on Alltel network

US wireless carrier Alltel and uLocate Communications today announced the launch of the WHERE GPS-enabled mobile widget platform on the Alltel network. The application is available for download in Alltel’s Axcess Shop for US $2.99 per month. The application will initially launch on five phones: The Waferâ„¢, The Alltel Hue and u520 by Samsung as well as The Wave and AX8600 by LG.

“WHERE is a perfect fit for our on-the-go customers who seek simple directions to everyday locations whether at home or while traveling”, said Wade McGill, senior vice president of wireless product marketing for Alltel.

WHERE allows content providers to easily develop a GPS-enabled application (widget) from a website with geo-localized content; then the user can access to this content through a GPS-enabled mobile phone and the WHERE mobile client. Today WHERE gathers more than 25 widgets on various topics as broad as to help you find the nearest Burger King or Rent A Car or to get local air quality or the biography of the local US representative. uLocate announced a ShopLocal widget two weeks ago (read here). WHERE uses the map data from Tele Atlas.

After Sprint, Alltel is the second wireless operator signed by ULocate. Alltel is the fifth biggest US wireless operator with 12 million customers and 5% market share (Source: Chetan Sharma Consulting).

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