uLocate/WHERE Launches Local Mobile Ad Network

Local search and LBS provider uLocate Communications today announced the launch of a hyper-local advertising network, WHERE Ads, which inventory gathers the WHERE application as well as partners Geocade, Jambase, MocoSpace and Superpages.com.

“We built WHERE Ads because we wanted to deliver a better advertising experience to our audience,“ said Walt Doyle, CEO of uLocate/WHERE. “Leveraging our unique access to the carrier infrastructure, we are able to deliver hyper-local, contextually relevant content. The result is that we are driving benefit by connecting the consumer and the local merchant. We’re now excited to begin offering this solution to third party publishers.”

The current advertisers list encompasses all different kinds of local merchants including restaurants, service providers, small companies, etc. uLocate indicates that Click Through Rates (CTR) on WHERE Ads has exceeded other mobile ads by as much as three times.

“The ads are location based, and when we have context, they are contextually based making them highly targeted”, explained Dan Gilmartin, vice president of marketing at uLocate in an email to GPS Business News. “Radius depends on the user’s location. In an urban/city environment you will find ads for merchants on the city block where you may be standing. In a suburban setting, the ads may be for merchants further away.”

However, uLocate does not intend to go direct for selling their — and their partners – ad inventory. “We are not planning to build a direct sales force. We have built a platform and team that excels in aggregation of content and information”, explained Gilmartin. “Much like we curate the world around you through our WHERE app, we will curate local ads through aggregation, to deliver highly relevant advertising.”

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