Wistiki Bluetooth Tracker CEO: “We Raised €1M in Crowdfunding“

France-based Wistiki, a startup manufacturing Bluetooth trackers, has launched today their latest product called Wistiki by Starck.

As the name implies the small tracker has been designed by famous French designer Philippe Starck. The premium Bluetooth tracker (€49.90) is made of satin-finish steel with a colored plastic end cap that houses the Bluetooth antenna.

The Bluetooth chipset is coming from Dialog semiconductor and the range claimed by the company is 100 meters (in open space) while the battery (not removable) is made for three years use.

The tracker started to sell today in France – with 100,000 units shipping to retailers – and is expected to reach international markets: U.S., UK, Germany and Japan in the coming months.

In the audio podcast below GPS Business News interviewed with Wistiki CEO Bruno Lussato.

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