Waze Hits 10 Million Users Mark

Social driving application Waze has reached 10 million users at the end of 2011, up from 2 million one year ago. “Wazers“ have been driving over 1.7 Billion kilometers this year.

The app gained 1.5 million additional users in December alone. 2011 has definitely been a good year for Waze which raised $30 million in funding (making a total of over $55 million raised thus far).

Despite that waze remains still relatively far away from reaching a critical mass. Israel is the only country where it has reached this point. France, Italy and the United States are the other countries where the application is gaining traction.

In 2011 the company has started interesting partnerships with U.S. broadcasters providing them free crowdsourced traffic information against visibility. In the future this type of partnership could be a source of revenue; however today the whole business model of the company is quite unclear.

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