WaveMarket Launches Location Based Services With Aliant

WaveMarket, a leader in mobile location-based search and services, announced that the company’s Family Finder and Asset Tracker has officially launched with Aliant, Atlantic Canada’s leading information and communications technology provider.

WaveMarket’s Family Finder technology, branded Seek & Find, offers parents the peace of mind to locate their children from any Internet connection. The WaveMarket Asset Tracker, branded GoTrax(tm) on the Aliant network, enables employers to manage their fleet more efficiently and identify the location of employees.

"WaveMarket is pleased to partner with Aliant to offer its customers our Family Finder and Asset Tracker services," said Tasso Roumeliotis, CEO of WaveMarket. "Aliant is a leader in wireless and Internet technologies. WaveMarket is excited to partner with them in providing innovative family location and asset tracking technologies for the first time in Atlantic Canada."

The Seek & Find service marks WaveMarket’s fourth commercial deployment of its industry-leading family location solution, having previously launched with Bell Mobility, Sprint Nextel, and Vivo, Latin America’s largest mobile carrier. Using the WaveMarket service, Aliant customers are able to locate their children on-demand and set up regular location checks, so parents may be notified that a child has arrived to school safely or is home by curfew.

WaveMarket’s Asset Tracker, which powers GoTrax(tm), gives employers the ability to locate their employees. The tool makes dispatching employees to appropriate customer locations more efficient, saving both time and money. Additionally, employers can set up ‘zones’ on a map so that they will receive notifications whenever an asset enters or leaves the zone.

"Demand for our Family Location service continues to grow globally at a rapid pace. Parents are becoming more aware and excited about the value of GPS technology which is already integrated into a huge number of mobile handsets," said Roumeliotis. "We believe that this market has enormous potential and are thrilled to continue to work with carrier partners, like Aliant, to deliver this valuable service to their customers."

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