Unacast: Aggregating Offline Consumer Behavioral Data from Beacons (Podcast)

The mobile advertising industry is relying more and more on location data, however these are often inaccurate and unavailable indoor. This is where proximity data from beacons kicks in to offer consumer behavior down to a precise aisle, shelf or product.

But Beacon data has been difficult to scale for advertising due to the fragmentation of the beacon and proximity industries.

Based out of Norway with a sales office in New York City, Unacast goal is to solve this challenge by creating the largest network of proximity companies in the world, to collect beacon data in the Unacast PROX Network, which aggregates, standardizes and tags the data to build targeting profiles on millions of users.

On the supply side Unacast has partnered with more than 40 of the world’s largest proximity providers (representing 1 million installed beacons thus far) and on the demand side with leading mobile advertising platforms, such as Opera Mediaworks, a partnership recently announced.

Listen below to the podcast with Kjartan Slette, co-founder and COO of the company:

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