Uber Acquires Geo Imagery Team & Assets from Microsoft

Uber and Microsoft have confirmed a deal where the transportation company is acquiring a Microsoft team known as BIT (Bing Imagery Technologies) based in Boulder, Colorado.

The team that seemed to have around 100 employees was focussing on aerial, oblique and street side images as well as indoor maps and Digital Elevation Model for Bing maps.

This Microsoft group also leveraged a large scale private data center with “over 80,000 cores and 350+ petabytes of redundant storage,“ according to our investigations.

Slowly but surely Microsoft has outsourced its Bing Maps technology to Nokia Here in the most recent years so there was no point in keeping the imagery production internally while the map layer was already outsourced.

With the acquisition of deCarta in February 2015 (read here) and the hiring of Brian McClendon from Google this month (read here), Uber is ramping up its activities in map making.

However, with this acquisition it is unlikely that a bid for Here will happen, Uber seems to be more focussed on acquiring selective map technologies rather than a full scale map provider.

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