TomTom upgrades entry level PND range

TomTom today announced an upgrade to its entry level range of Personal Navigation Devices with the introduction of two new models: TomTom ONE IQ Routes and TomTom XL IQ Routes, respectively priced at €159 and €199 in Europe. Rather than a replacement, these two devices come as an addition to the existing TomTom ONE and TomTom XL which prices are expected to decrease from €20 to €30.

With large inventories still remaining from the Fourth quarter 2008, especially in the United States, TomTom couldn’t replace the existing entry level products now. Therefore it choose to create this “IQ Route Edition” which comes with a slightly different look (a black casing and gray strip is circling the screen) and improved software features which were so far found only in more pricey devices: IQ Routes (historical traffic integrated in the routing algorithm) and lane guidance (see picture).

In Europe these devices will also be available with a 42 countries map license.

Low cost, connected PND in the making?

With these new products TomTom is only doing a minor adjustment in its range. However, we can expect more to come before the summer. Indeed, TomTom set up the goal to sell 1 million connected PNDs before the end of the year. Not surprisingly in this economic downturn, it appears from investigation made by GPS Business News, that its high price connected PNDs are not selling very well. To make this one million target, or at least getting close to it, TomTom will have – sooner than later – to ship a low cost connected PND or a bundle with a power cord integrating this wireless connectivity. This will surely happen before the summer vacations period.

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