TomTom signs partnership with Expedia

TomTom and Expedia Affiliate Network have signed a partnership to help TomTom customers book rooms across Europe.

TomTom customers are able to download a special set of hotel POIs (Points of Interest) from their TomTom Home PC application into their PND. Once downloaded these POIs allow to directly call a local Expedia hotline to get the best deal for hotels in the vicinity without booking fees. TomTom expects to expand this partnership to other territories in the future.

While the financials of this deal have not been detailed it is clear it will represent — a small but interesting — revenue stream for TomTom and at the same time a real value added to its customers. In the same way Garmin is financing the traffic information in its entry level PNDs in the United States via coupons offering, TomTom is willing to introduce some monetization in its POI download system. Coupons might be the next step too.

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