TomTom emphasizes Map Share in new European Advertising Campaign

TomTom today announced the European launch of the new TomTom GO Advertising Campaign. The campaign will be multi-channel and launched in 16 countries throughout Europe via TV, radio, print, outdoor and online. The campaign will start in almost all countries as of today and will run until the end of the year.

The campaign communicates three messages about the TomTom GO range: best maps, safety and ease of use. The campaign especially highlights the Map Share technology that allows user to update maps and share among them the latest changes. Billboards and TV commercials outline this feature (watch the commercials below).

TomTom is using a new animation style in this advertising campaign. TomTom worked with the Dutch agency TBWA/Neboko on the project. TBWA/Neboko commissioned the Dutch company PostPanic to produce two new television commercials for TomTom. The main characters are rotoscoped and then illustrated with sketch style lines. “This resulted in a unique visual experience combining live action, rotoscoping, 3D animation and motion graphics” said TomTom. “The animation allows the users to dive into another world — a “TomTom world”. The fresh lime green background enhances the branding in a creative and effective way”.

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