TomTom Unveils New PNDs & Sync Technology

In addition to the their Bandit action camera (read here) TomTom yesterday unveiled two new Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs) and MyDrive, a synchronization tool across PNDs, mobile and a web platform.

The new PNDs are the TomTom GO 510, 610, 5100 and 6100 coming with lifetime world maps, lifetime speed camera and of course lifetime traffic. GO 510 (5" screen size) and 610 (6“ screen size) connect to the cloud via a mobile phone while 5100 (5" screen size) and 6100 (6“ screen size) have an integrated SIM card with free connectivity.

This new range will start at €200.

It is interesting to see that TomTom is now offering speed camera for free, a service that was thus available as a paid option.

MyDrive synchronisation platform

MyDrive is a consumer platform that synchronizes points of interest, addresses and allow drivers to plan a route or view traffic in advance via a web browser or on a mobile app. All data are immediately synchronized across platforms, removing the pain to manually enter addresses or manage POIs on a PND in the car.

MyDrive mobile apps are available immediately on iOS and Android and so is the website at The new PNDS launched today by TomTom are MyDrive compatible.

In adition, the previous generation of connected TomTom PNDs (a few million devices, TomTom told us) will also be working with MyDrive through a software update that can already be downloaded.

As such MyDrive has nothing really revolutionary in terms of features, but what is interesting here is the back-end cloud system and the potentiality it offers. TomTom indeed said that MyDrive is open to third party developers, car makers and information providers.

If you want to learn more you can watch the full TomTom keynote below, including the announcement of TomTom Bandit:

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