Telit to Use CSR SiRFstarV 5e GNSS Engine

Chipset maker CSR last week debuted their latest GNSS engine the SiRFstarV 5e which first impementtion come to a Telit module. The engine is optimised for devices such as mobile phones, cameras, and health and fitness products.

This GNSS chipset include several new features relating to time-to-first-fix (TTFF) and power optimization.

With InstantFix Extended Ephemeris (EE), devices without wireless connectivity, such as cameras, are able to overcome slow time to first fix, a common annoyance for the end user. 5e is capable of autonomously forward predicting EE for three days locally, and for connected devices the solution supports server based EE for up to 31 day for GPS and up to 14 day GLONASS EE.

The GNSS chip can connect directly to a Lithium battery supply, enabling system cost reduction and increased power efficiency. This is implemented by an integrated switched PMU, reducing system level power and eBOM costs.

The 5e is also designed to be optimised for low power battery operated devices. For instance, in asset tracking applications, the 5e engine will decide how long to try to acquire satellite signal based around its environment, saving a significant amount of battery power

Telit module

The chipset will be used for location positioning by Telit for its Jupiter SE868-V2 module.

“The Jupiter SE868-V2 excels in all positioning tasks and foremost in applications requiring high reliability navigation,â€? says Felix Marchal, Chief Product Officer at Telit Wireless Solutions. “By using CSR’s SiRFstarV 5e solution, we have been able to create a quick and convenient upgrade path for our Jupiter JF2 GPS module customers to the latest and most robust multi-constellation support available in the market.â€?

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