TeleNav’s App Now in SYNC with Ford

Ford and TeleNav today announced a new step in their partnership with the compatibility of TeleNav’s GPS navigation app Scout with Ford’s smartphone integration system SYNC AppLink.

Through this system drivers will be able to search destination by voice, receive audio promts through the car audio and more, using the steering wheel buttons and voice recognition.

On Android Scout is a free app that includes voice and on-screen turn by turn GPS navigation, local search, traffic information, speech recognition, and automatic rerouting. But if you want to connect the app to your Ford you need to open your wallet and go for the premium version.

This premium version costs $24.99 per year or $4.99 per month and it also features traffic incident information with automatic rerouting, speed traps, traffic camera information, lane assist and speed limit alerts.

Ford is the third biggest customers of TeleNav after wireless operators AT&T and Sprint.

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