TAPTAP Networks Launch Self-Serve Performance-Based Local Ad Platform for Retail

Spanish mobile Ad network TAPTAP Networks has unveiled today Sonata Retail, a self-service location-based mobile advertising platform dedicated to the retail industry.

Sonata Retail offers advertisers an easy way to design mobile ads, buy geo-targeted inventory on RTB platforms and get reporting. The pricing is based on the activity of the mobile prospect and the price that the advertiser is prepared to pay for certain actions. An ad shown has a cost of €0.01, then the advertiser selects a value for optional pay-for-performance event such as access to map, access to web, registration, call, coupon redeemed.

The advertiser can indeed offer coupons that can be redeemed through a mobile app (iOS and Android).

Although the platform sounds a bit expensive compared to the current market prices (€10 CPM when mobile CPM are mostly trading below $1) it however offers a one stop mobile ad buying experience that does not even require the creation of a mobile website.

TAPTAP Networks based in Madrid is one of the leaders in the Spanish mobile advertising market. Its clients include McDonalds, Orange, KFC, Vodafone, H&M, El Corte Ingles, among others, with the support of Havas Media, Omnicom Media Group, Group M,

Vivaki and Carat.

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