Start-up claims 40m accuracy with cell tower data

A start-up company called GloPos went out of stealth mode last week announcing a new positioning technology based on cell tower information (GSM & CDMA) and capable to calculate a position “accurate to within 1 — 40 meters with a high level of confidence”.

The patent pending GloPos technology is said to work anywhere GSM and CDMA cells are available. The technology is using a server to compute the cell tower information gathered on the mobile phone.”The server can be located in any network suitable for serving data over GSM/CDMA networks”, said the company.

GloPos is a technology spin-off company of 4TS Corporation, a Finland-based company that develops location- and sensor-based technologies and solutions. Based in Dubai, GloPos co-founders, CEO Mikael Vainio and Vice-President Alexander Le Bell are both coming from Ericsson Middle East Headquarters. Prior to that they were working for Nokia in Central Europe.

At this stage the technology looks promising, but for the time being we have not seen more than good looking executives and powerpoint presentations.

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