SpeedForce: Smarting up Bikes with Connected Stem

Bicycle are seeing a lot of innovation these days through connected devices; another one launched this week on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Coming from California and called Speedforce, it comes as a replacement for the bike stem that has a 1.6-inch full-color transflective screen and a front-facing light that provides 30 feet of illumination for safer cycling.

The device feature ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity; it has a GPS and an analog altimeter.

Speedforce embeds more than 40 hours of battery life. It provides real time coaching and its data pairs with the SpeedX Cycling app.

Sensors on the back of the pedals and wheels work in tandem to provide precise data to identify behaviors and provide recommendations to correct them, like changing gears or pedaling faster, to improve the overall health and safety of the rider. Over time, SpeedForce will recommend training programs and challenges to improve overall performance.

SpeedForce can also charge your mobile device’s battery while providing a lot of data:

– Current/maximum/average speed

– Current time and trip time

– Altitude

– Slope

– GPS directions

– Route planning

– Cadence

– Power rate

– Tread rate

– Weather

– Access to training and coaching content

The public can pre-order SpeedForce for $159 on Indiegogo. Units are expected to ship to consumers in March 2016.

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