SiRFatlasIV unveiled: low cost GPS and multifunction processor

GPS chipset maker SiRF is introducing today SiRFatlasIV, a new chipset self-described as a “multifunction location system processor” which targets entry-level Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs).

SiRFatlasIV is basically a low cost equivalent of the SiRFPrima platform launched last year which provides GPS and high multimedia performance on the same die. However, here the idea is not to offer high-level multimedia capabilities but rather to integrate as many peripherals as possible on the same chipset to reduce the Bill of Material. As a result, SiRFatlasIV embeds a GPS/Galileo baseband (which is exactly the same as the one found in SiRFPrima), a LCD touch-screen controller, 10-bit ADC, video input and high-speed USB 2.0. The system also has an integrated NAND and SD controller which supports both single and multi-layer cell (SLC/MLC) flash memory, allowing system designers to select either a low cost or a robust NAND product.

Impressive lineup of PND customers

SiRFatlasIV is based on pretty much the same idea as Broadcom’s “PND-on-a-chip” concept introduced last week (read more here). However, the Broadcom solution is only sampling for early access customers while the SiRF chipset is already embedded on PNDs hitting the shelves this month. Indeed, SiRF was able today to announce an impressive lineup of ODM and PND makers using this new solution: ASUS International/Unihan Technology Corp., Binatone Electronics, Cirex France, Foxconn Technology Group, Globalsat Technology Corporation, Maylong (GPS for Dummies), Navigon, NDrive, Nextar, Takara, Wistron Corporation and YF International.

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