SenionLab, MySeat & SystemicsCode Partner with Micello for Indoor Maps

Micello, the worldwide provider of indoor maps has announced three new partnerships in the last few weeks.

Indoor location technology vendor SenionLab, workspace management startup MySeat and private ad-exchange and analytics platform SystemicsCode have integrated indoor maps from Micello into their platform.


MySeat offers technology solutions for workspace management. The company has designed innovative sensors that can be attached unobtrusively to the office chairs. The sensors feed real-time utilization and other ambient data to a portal where it is meshed up with the interactive maps provided by Micello, to create visual analytics and other space utilization information. MySeat’s statistical dashboard allows the workspace planners to measure and optimize space utilization and also understand how their indoor environment is being used over time.


SystemicsCode, a provider of private Ad-Exchange and Analytics Platform,is using the maps to provide hyper local context and location based advertising services for venue owners.

Under this partnership, Micello maps are integrated into the AdMoln platform which offers advertisers and publishers a combination of analytics, forecasting, workflow, targeting, and ad campaign optimization tools.


Sweden-based SenionLab is providing indoor location technology. Their StepInside platform is a customizable, cloud-based tool offering a variety of service plug-ins:

– StepInside Analytics provides in-depth analysis and statistical insights about crowded areas or visitor flow in a venue.

– StepInside Beacon Management manages and monitors overall network and individual beacons.

– StepInside Wayfinder, enables the users to interact with points of interest within a venue.

– StepInside GeoMessenger lets users to interact with a venue based on their current location.

All the four plug-ins are now integrated with and leverage Micello’s indoor maps.

“This unique integration of Micello maps into our platform offers a smart roadmap for businesses to excel in providing location-based services to their customers as well as in obtaining a real-time analytics and statistical data for enhancing the customer experience,â€? said Christian Lundquist, Co-founder & CEO of SenionLab.

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