SenionLab: Indoor Loc Market Gets Mature: Less Tech, More Business

GPS Business News spoke this week with Christian Lundquist, CEO at SenionLab, a Swedish company providing indoor location technologies to worldwide customers.

Born in 2010 SenionLab had their first large scale customer success in 2012 when they signed up Singtel to provide their technology to 70 shopping mall in Singapore. Nowadays the company has done installations in more than 30 countries.

The company today has 15 people on staff and relies on value-added resellers globally. SenionLab is particularly targeting shopping malls and healthcare and its main market is in North America today.

Talking about the market SenionLab has seen during the last year a shift on the discussion topics with customers: this is less about technology and more about business. the technology is less a central question the big question is how this technology can improve and transform business processes.

In this interview Lundquist also stressed out the point that his business is not threaten by the indoor location technologies of the Silicon Valley Giants (Google & Apple) because its clients attache a lot of value to their data and their customer’s data.

Listen below to the full audio podcast interview with SenionLab CEO Christian Lundquist:

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