Samsung Adds SigFox Network to Artik IoT Modules

Low power, low bandwidth network supplier Sigfox today announced the integration of its network protocol in the new Samsung ARTIK platform and Samsung Ventures’ investment in the company.

Samsung ARTIK is an open platform that’s designed to enable faster and simpler development of new enterprise, industrial and consumer applications for the IoT. The platform includes a family of integrated production-ready modules, advanced software, development boards, drivers, tools, security features and cloud connectivity.

With the introduction of the Samsung ARTIK platform, we set out to accelerate innovation in hardware, software and services for the IoT, to allow the technology to more quickly tackle global challenges,” said Young Sohn, President and Chief Strategy Officer, Samsung Electronics.

“As part of our Samsung ARTIK ecosystem, SIGFOX technology represents a key step forward for the IoT, as it makes it simpler for developers to create low-cost, low-power devices and services that easily connect to the network.”

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