STMicro Ships new MEMS Compass

Semiconductor maker STMicroelectronics announced today a new generation of geo-magnetic MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems).

ST’s newest geo-magnetic module (LSM303DLM) is said to address energy efficiency on both the chip and the system level and its operating power consumption of 360micro-A represents a 50% reduction over devices currently in production.

According to STMicro, “the device boasts a 30% increase in magnetic sensing resolution over its predecessor, the LSM303DLH.“

The module is pin-to-pin and software-compatible with the previous-generation device, so customers can easily ‘hot swap’ and protect their investment in application development.

The new module is available immediately, with unit pricing at $1.95 for volumes in the range of 100,000 pieces.

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