SIGNUL: When BLE Beacons Provide Personal Geofencing

Bluetooth Low Energy “beacons“ are used in connection with smartphones by shops, transport and many other vetical markets for proximity sensing and micro location. But there could be a more “personal“ use to this low cost technology.

IOT Design Shop, a startup based in Vancouver, Canada, has developed SIGNUL, a bluetooth low energy beacon made to automate personal tasks. SIGNUL creates micro location zones (geofences) that trigger a task upon entering or exiting a place (home, car, office, etc.): launch apps, send messages, open a website, etc…

SIGNUL was initially launched on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo in November 2014 and the beacon ($50 apiece) is now shipping.

SIGNUL also announced today their integration with IFTTT Channel, allowing many more actions to be triggered by entering or exiting a zone defined by a SIGNUL beacon.

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