Renault & CloudMade: Self-Learning Cars for Smoother Driving

Silicon Valley-based CloudMade has been working with Renault for a couple of years and now the two companies are going public with their partnership.

CloudMade had been know some years ago or its technology solutions around Openstreetmap data. But now its core business is in the automotive industry where they develop solutions for connected, self-learning vehicles.

My Driving Partner is a new type of driving aid developed by Renault in collaboration with CloudMade.

The technology is designed to learn the individual driving habits and to follow up with customized advice to promote driving that is smoother and more relaxing. By signalling driver earlier than aids such as ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) or AEBS (Active Emergency Braking System), My Driving Partner offers a personalized way to help the driver control the vehicle in a more optimal manner. The system is currently being evaluated on a fleet of Renault vehicles (ZOE, Clio and Captur) equipped with the R-Link 1 multimedia tablet.

Making sense of car data

The system first records parameters such as acceleration, braking and steering wheel angle as well as environmental information such as traffic and weather, based on these it learns a driver’s habits and keep track of notable occurrences.

My Driving Partner can be used in either “Companionâ€? or “Challengeâ€? mode. In each, the system provides feedback to the driver about his or her driving style. When the driver embarks on a journey that he or she has previously completed, My Driving Partner’s algorithm is able to predict situations to warn of potential risks. In Challenge mode, the system rewards the ‘best’ driver with points for their overall driving style and the smooth handling of various situations and provides a total at the end of the trip.

Accidents happen on regular routes

By learning a driver’s habits and storing dangerous spots along the user’s most frequently used routes, My Driving Partner can warn the driver of a risky situation and provide advice as he or she approaches the potential hazard.

Statistics demonstrate that a large part of accidents happen on regular journeys. According to Renault, in France more than half of all accidents resulting in bodily injury happen on journeys of a distance of less than 20 kilometers.

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