Real-Time Traffic Services Heating up in Turkey

According to TomTom Istanbul is the most congested city in Europe. The latest “congestion index“ of the GPS maker’s indicates that on average, journey times in Istanbul are 57% longer than when traffic in the city is flowing freely and 84% longer during morning rush hour.

These congestion levels are unlikely to get better in the fututre as car sales are growing quite rapidly in the country. 864,439 passenger cars and light commercial vehicles were sold in Turkey in 2011 a 16.4 percent increase from the previous year.

The situation creates an interesting market for real-time traffic providers. Belgium-based Be-Mobile and Hungary-based TrafficNav have both entered the market in recent times with offering for Personal Navigation Devices (PND) based on RDS-TMC as well as XML feeds for mobile navigation vendors.

Be-mobile has approximately 50,000 users of their traffic information on PNDs in Turkey where the service is broadcast via the Turkish Radio station Radyo D in 5 cities.

TrafficNav estimates their users to be over 50,000 by the end of the year, split evenly between PNDs and mobile navigation software. Based on the deals they have signed, they expect their users on navigation systems to “exceed 100,000 sometimes in 2013,“ said Tamas Frigyes TrafficNav’s director of sales.

Nokia Location & Commerce is also present in Turkey since 2011 with an XML data feed and has entered the RDS-TMC business last summer through an agreement with Spectrum Medya (read here3754).

Neither TomTom nor INRIX have entered the Turkish market yet, but it is likely to be on their roadmap.

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