Q&A with Locomizer: Biology-Inspired Technology for Location Analytics

At the AdTech conference last week in London GPS Business News met with Locomizer, a UK start-up that uses location analytics to build mobile profiles. We interviewed with Alexei Polyakov, co-founder of the company.

GPS Business News: Can you briefly present us Locomizer?

Alexei Polyakov: We are a UK-based enterprise location analytics company. We have created an Audience Discovery Engine that is powered by Biology-inspired algorithm to build highly targetable user interest profiles.

In addition we are also building a global Geo-Behavioral Interest Graph by anonymising and aggregating the user interest profiles to provide extrapolated trends about footfall by interest groups and time.

We have recently been profiled by Mashable as one of the top 25 startups in the UK.

What is the key problem you are willing to solve?

AP: Companies need to understand customer data in order to monetize it. However, most of the companies do not have resources or a clue of how to take advantage of ever-growing customer data.

As the result their offers/recommendations/ads fail to reach the right audience. It happens because they fail to make their messages relevant and personal. Poor audience targeting is a real problem for a lot of companies. Locomizer solves that problem by helping companies in understanding of their customers through the creation of targetable user interest profiles based on their mobility patterns.

For example, an advertiser looking to target a specific set of customers that match a certain interest group will be able to target the right types of users, by time and location. Retailers can use our insights to understand footfall across their stores, customise shelf inventory, tailor product promotions in existing stores, determine the best locations and formats for new stores. We understand maps with people in them.

GPS BN: What is unique in your technology?

AP: Locomizer offers a unique, Nature-inspired solution to uncover the right audience for the right promotional offer. Our product, the world’s first Audience Discovery Engine, powered by Biology-inspired proprietary algorithm takes all kinds of location data, including GPS coordinates from mobile telecoms carriers, location-enabled tweets, geo-tagged Facebook content and Foursquare check-ins for analysis. The result of this analysis is the precisely targetable user interest profiles.

GPS BN: How do you sell your technology, what is the business model?

AP: We are B2B and use direct sales approach. We have two main revenue sources in mind. The first one is a Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) subscription model for a customer dashboard for a business to upload and translate their location data into individual user interest profiles. The second one is an API calls-based revenue model of charging business customers for the access to Locomizer’s Geo-Behavioral Interest Graph, an aggregated view of footfall traffic by time and interests.


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