PhiLOCK: P2P Bike Sharing with Smart Lock

French startup PhiLOCK has launched on Kickstarter a smart bike lock that offers peer to peer bike sharing for $150 (retail price, $100 on Kickstarter).

PhiLOCK is first a “smart“ bike lock that allows you to lock and unlock a bike using a mobile app through Bluetooth. Based on proximity sensing the system locks and unlocks itself automatically. In addition to that a powerful alarm emits a loud signal if a theft attempt is detected (via an embedded three axis movement sensor).

On top of the smart lock feature, the application allows the bike owner to submit his bike for rent and other users of the app to find a rental cycle, pay for it and unlock, lock it via the app.

Payments are made via credit card and a deposit is secured assuring peace of mind for the bike owner.

PhiLOCK is currently raising $100,000 on Kickstarter; shipping of the first units are expected during the summer 2016.

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