PhantomALERT Sues Waze & Google For Illegal Database Copying

Speedcam and Red Light camera database vendor PhantomALERT has filed a lawsuit against Waze and Google, their law firm Kronenberger Rosenfeld announced yesterday.

The lawsuit alleges that, before it was acquired by Google, Waze copied PhantomALERT’s proprietary database without permission and incorporated that misappropriated data into Waze’s popular iPhone and Android navigation apps.

The lawsuit states that in 2010, Waze’s CEO approached PhantomALERT about sharing database information between the firms. PhantomALERT declined to proceed, however the lawsuit asserts that Waze repeatedly copied its Points of Interest database, and that to this day Google continues to use this misappropriated and copyrighted database content.

“PhantomALERT determined that Waze duplicated its Points of Interest database, in part, by observing the presence of fictitious seeded points of interest from its database in the Waze application – which is a common method of detecting copying in large datasets,“ the law firm said.

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