PathSense: Precise Location without GPS… and Battery Drain

Getting out of stealth mode today at the DEMO conference in the Silicon Valley, PathSense is a Carlsbad, California-based startup that wants to offer precise location without the battery drain experienced today in using GPS technology.

The promise of PathSense is to provide precise location with 90 percent less battery drain. the technology is based inertial navigation, sensor fusion, predictive routing, and a proprietary learning engine. The company has 3 patents pending on these developments.

This location service is likely to raise interest of app developers especially for precise background location which lacks the GPS accuracy.

The service is immediately available as a beta SDK for iOS or Android apps.

Business model

The company intends to seed the market with a free SDK for developers and license it for high usage and premium APIs. Pathsense also plans to sell location data to retail, energy, transportation, and advertising companies.

PathSense was founded by a veteran entrepreneur well known in the location-based start-up scene. Pete Tenereillo indeed already founded Trapster a service he sold to digital map maker NAVTEQ in 2010 after growing to 10 million users.

Tenereillo came up with the early idea of the technology when facing the battery drain problem of GPS-enabled app such as Trapster. He hired several people from his former team and went into a two years development window.


Watch below PathSense pitch at DEMO.

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