Parkopedia CEO: “Location-Based Marketing Initiatives Are on the Rise“

Parkopedia’s mobile app works in 52 Countries, across 6,308 towns & cities with no fewer than 38,018,466 parking spaces… It can be accessed online, by SMS, as a mobile app or inside the car navigation systems of some of the world’s most recognized car brands.

Eugene Tsyrklevich, Founder and CEO, was bitten by the entrepreneur bug in 90’s and can now proudly claim the creation of Parkopedia – the Wikipedia for parking.

Our partner, the LBS 2015 event caught up with him in order to find out what the future holds for one of the most advanced location-based apps in the market…

LBS 2015: How long have you been involved in the location-based services space?

Eugene Tsyrklevich: Parkopedia was founded in 2009 and LBS played a key role from the start. We provide automotive OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers with parking services which allow drivers to find and pay for parking in 6,000 cities and 45 countries based on their current location or selected location.

Parkopedia services are now available both as an in-car application (iOS/Android/HTML5) and as a standalone service which can be white-labelled and integrated directly into the navigation system. We use LBS for our real-time space availability info: either through sensors, or barriers in a car park or through users checking in and out of a location and notifying us through the app.

LBS 2015: What’s changed over the last couple years?

ET: The focus has changed regarding what people search for and how they search for it. It’s no longer about what you are looking for but about where you are located and what is around you.

We’ve started to see drivers use more than one mode of transport for daily journeys; which in turn means they need info on more than one location. Drivers are starting to embrace public transportation in conjunction with driving more and more. Location-based service apps, such as the ones Parkopedia develops, help drivers choose suitable public transportation hubs to reach their destination. You could say that Parkopedia helps drivers make location based decisions using various location criteria.

LBS 2015: What is your crystal ball prediction for LBS in the next 12-18 months?

ET: At Parkopedia, we hope to see more tightly integrated services which reduce distraction and provide a better user experience. Instead of drivers having to use one app for navigation, one for traffic and another one for parking or fuel, we hope to see these services becoming far more integrated into one consistent and user-friendly service based on the location a driver is currently in or heading towards.

Another exciting space is that of smart Cities/ Municipalities. They have started to use LBS for traffic management/ traffic planning by integrating information and communications technology (ICT) into their transportation framework. Some of the data they require could be anonymous location data which is transmitted from the car en-route to a location.


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