PSA Used TomTom Maps in Amsterdam Driverless Car Demo

Last week French car maker PSA demonstrated their driverless know-how in “driving“ a couple of cars from Paris to Amsterdam.

The two Citroën C4 Picasso cars left Vélizy, France in "eyes off" mode, i.e., without driver supervision, and covered several hundred kilometres between Paris and Amsterdam on authorised stretches of road.

"Eyes off" mode corresponds to the third level of autonomous driving, which means the driver need not take any action aside from simply verifying that systems are functioning properly.

TomTom provided HD Map and RoadDNA products to enable PSA Group to participate in the self-driving car demonstration in Amsterdam.

HD map is a high precision map for driverless cars and RoadDNA is a compressed database of road surroundings allowing the car to precisely match its position on the map even at high speed.

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