PND Market: Slowing Decline and Market Concentration

Last week the financial results of Garmin and TomTom offered some insights into the Personal Navigation Device (PND) market in the United States and Europe.

According to TomTom data the rate of decline of the PND market slowed down, particularly in Europe.


The PND market size in Europe (17 countries) was 2.1 million units in the third quarter, 6% lower compared to the third quarter 2013. TomTom market share was estimated at around 51%, in line with the same quarter last year.

Garmin CEO Cliff Pemble also commented his European market share, saying: “in Europe, we have increasing gains there and we’re in the kind of the mid-30s range in terms of market share and growing.“

North America

In the third quarter in North America the PND market size was around 0.9 million units (TomTom estimates), 16% lower compared to the third quarter 2013. TomTom estimated their market share for the third quarter at around 15% (was 15% in the previous quarter and 17% in Q3 2013).

Garmin’s CEO cited data from market research firm NPD that reported 84% market share for the U.S. company, up from 78% in third quarter of 2013.

Needless to say there is not much market left to other PND makers in the United States.

Another interesting insight offered by TomTom and Garmin CEOs is that the PND market seasonality has changed. While the last quarter of the year was in the past boosted by holiday season gift purchases, the peak of sales is now at the beginning of the summer (Q2), when consumers prepare their summer travels, especially in Europe.

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