Nextome: Bluetooth Indoor Location Made in Italy

Europe has proved to be a fertile ground for start-up delivering innovation in indoor geolocation. Pole Star, Insiteo, Sensewhere, and a few others are testimonials of that. And so is a newcomer, Nextome (pronounce “Next-to-me“), a provider of indoor geo-location based on bluetooth radio signal technology.

The company, based in Bari, South of Italy, was created by five young graduates from the University of Bari (Università degli Studi di Bari), who transformed an academic proof of concept into a start-up company.

To learn a bit more about the company, its technology and business model, GPS Business News discussed with Vincenzo Dentamaro, the CEO at Nextome.

GPS Business News: What’s the business of Nextome?

Vincenzo Dentamaro: Nextome provides a sub-meter accuracy indoor positioning SDK for third party developers and companies that want to create applications leveraging state of art technology and avoid reinventing the wheel. Nextome technology is also designed to be a service installed into the smartphone that notifies the position to the applications. When we think at Nextome and its business, we think at something like the advertised "Intel Inside" but "Nextome Inside" technology.

GPS BN: What kind of technology have you developed?

VD: We deliver an accurate indoor positioning and navigation system using both Apple compatible iBeacons as existing infrastructure and off­ the­ shelves smartphones such as iPhone or Android. Our accuracy of indoor positioning goes from 0.8 meter to 1 meter, but often we reach 0.5 meter of error with enough number of iBeacons in the environment.

Nextome is the fusion of different patent pending technologies created by our research: a novel localization methodology called MLV3 that limits the multipath fading effect by removing the noise caused by Bluetooth signal bouncing on the walls, floor, furnitures and people moving around. In this way is possible to calculate the right location by using an advanced machine learning approach relying only on the true signal.

Nextome also uses an intelligent inertial step recognition algorithm, called IntelliWalk, capable of understanding when and where the user is moving, the step size, the orientation and the motion model of the user while walking using accelerometer, magnetometers, gyroscope and compass already present in the smartphone.

Nextome technology and all localization algorithms run within the smartphone without making a continuous polling to the server, in fact we do not even need an internet connection making the indoor navigation possible even in those buildings that are not covered by an internet connection as often happens in exhibitions or underground museums. In this way there are no delays caused by a slow connection or by an excessive workload on the server side.

Our technology is patent pending in Europe.


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