New Spirent System Test Algorithms combining GNSS & inertial MEMS

Spirent Communications last week announced the launch of a new simulation software that combines inertial MEMS sensor with multi-GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, etc.) testing.

Spirent already hinted in that direction when meeting with GPS Business News at the Mobile World Congress in February in Barcelona (read here).

“SimSENSOR works in tandem with Spirent’s multi-GNSS constellation simulators by simulating MEMS sensor outputs on a common trajectory with the simulated GNSS signals,“ explained Spirent.

SimSENSOR includes trajectories that embed representative human motion gestures, such as arm movements. In addiiton MEMS noise models and errors such as bias and drift are also available under user control.

The software can test fusion algorithms that take inputs from a large variety of sensors, including accelerometers, gyroscope, magnetometer, digital compass and barometric height sensors.

“Sensor fusion is increasingly being used to enable a wide range of applications including indoor positioning. SimSENSOR is a unique tool for accelerated, lab-based R&D in support of this ground-breaking work,“ said Rahul Gupta, product manager with Spirent’s Positioning Technology business.

“It will also help to extend Spirent’s leadership in testing hybrid positioning technologies in mobile devices,” he added.

This technology is based on previous work done by Spirent in this area. Five years ago Spirent had launched SimINERTIAL to test inertial navigation systems involving high grade GPS/inertial units suitable for military applications.

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