Navteq signed with Teletrac: GPS probe data from over 65,000 US vehicles

NAVTEQ announced yesterday an agreement with Teletrac, Inc., a leading supplier of fleet management, navigation and vehicle diagnostic solutions. In addition to utilizing NAVTEQ map data in their navigation products, Teletrac will be a contributing supplier of GPS probe data for NAVTEQ’s exclusive use as a map data and traffic services supplier. The Teletrac real- time probe data feed extends NAVTEQ Traffic probe coverage in the United States. Navteq now claims “the highest frequency of updating in the industry today”.

According to the 2006 annual report of Trafficmaster, the parent company of Teletrac, Teletrac was monitoring 65,000 vehicles in the United States at the end of 2006. Therefore this agreement will offer Navteq’s subsidiary a robust set of additional floating data to further improve its real-time traffic information. Nevertheless, key competitor INRIX is already gathering “real time GPS probe data from more than 650,000 commercial vehicles across the U.S” said the company early September.

GPS probe data, a must have for real-time traffic information

The “Real-Time Traffic Flow Ground Truth Testing Methodology Validation and Accuracy Measurement” study, published one year ago by Frost & Sullivan, was positioning INRIX as a leader in this field thanks to its GPS probe data. “Inrix’s Smart Dust Network provides a major advantage,” said Veerender Kaul, Program Manager at Frost & Sullivan. “Instead of primarily relying on static DOT and radar sensor networks, Inrix is uniquely aggregating real-time data from over 625,000 GPS-enabled commercial vehicles and combining it with data from multiple private and public sources. Inrix’s approach provides a scalable model enabling wide-spread road segment coverage of real-time speeds across the U.S.”.

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