Navmii: Deals with Carmakers Expected in 2016 (Podcast)

Last week at the Where Camp conference in Berlin, GPS Business News spoke with Zoe Laycock the new Chief Marketing Officer at mobile navigation provider Navmii.

Navmii was born in 2009 and was one of the first companies in 2010 to bring turn-by-turn GPS navigation as a free service on the app stores using map data from Openstreetmap.

Nowadays their business model has largerly evolved from pure B2C (freemium, value added services and advertising) into B2B or B2B2C developing driver behaviour data and other solutions for insurance companies and car makers.

Zoe Laycock is one of the speakers at the ConnecteDriver conference taking place in Brussels on January 27-28, 2016

Listen to Zoe Laycock in the podcast below:

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