Navads Selected by Shell as Global Provider of Location Data Management

Amsterdam-based location data management company Navads has been selected by Shell as its global provider of location data management services. Managing 35,000 of Shell’s fuel retail locations worldwide, Navads ensures optimal visibility for Shell across mainstream navigation devices and apps.

As 9 out 10 people use navigation systems and Google acknowledges almost half of its search queries have a local intent, being optimally listed on navigation platforms is vital for a healthy business.

Though, based on Navads’ data it appears that over 70% of all business information on digital maps is still incorrect.

Fuel retailer Shell has acknowledged the fact that certain advances with data consumption within the automotive market has led them to prolong the service with Navads. “As consumer habits change and consume more data through digital devices, accuracy is crucial for the Shell brand,” said David Putters, Global Digital Marketing Website Manager at Shell Corp.

One of those advances in consumer habits is the rise of connected cars. Sources indicate that this market will reach an overall worth of $100 billion by 2018 with an estimation of 220 million connected cars in four years from now.

Retailers and especially fuel retailers should ready themselves for this new technological frontiers as a vast array of business opportunities arise, most notably for payment, maintenance, in-cars offers and autonomous refuelling.


Upon arrival, the car transmits the required fuel volume to the gas station after which the car is refuelled. Through wireless and pre-authorized payment, the car pays in advance which allows the passenger to stay seated during the visit.


Gas stations can profit significantly by offering relevant deals to their customers that match with their cars condition status. For instance, the car transmits vehicle condition data to the gas station before arrival about its low oil status. The gas station then, is now better able to provide relevant offers that actually match the needs of their customers.

General in-car offers

The gas station can communicate with driver or passenger to deliver relevant offers about all their in-store product segments.


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