NNG Adds Flexibility, Connectivity and New HMI to Auto Navigation Software

Navigation software vendor NNG has announced today its its latest automotive software, iGO primo nextgen that offers a new human-machine interface (HMI), flexibility for data entry and connectivity via smartphones.

iGO primo nextgen will enter the global market installed in new car models from 2015. It will be available to car makers from summer 2014.

To make life simple for automakers iGO primo nextgen supports multimodal data entry including touch pad, rotary controller and voice control, as well as a mix of these technologies.

“We believe there’s no ultimate answer to the question of which input method is the future. All of them will be utilized. For small cars, touch screens are suitable since you’re close to the screen. For larger vehicles, rotary controller works better,â€? says Péter Balogh, CEO at NNG LLC. “We enable our partners to choose the right mix of technologies for every model of their vehicle brands.â€?

iGO primo nextgen also offers a range of live services including Local Search, fuel prices, parking, weather, and traffic information aggregated from multiple content providers.

This software is NNG’s first product for business partners that is readily extendable with NavFusion, a technology that connects the smartphone of the driver to the dashboard. The system connects the smartphone to the car through USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and sync the content between the head unit and the companion app and leverage the data plan of the user for connected services.

NNG’s navigation solutions are currently available for 186 countries and in 50 languages with maps and other local content aggregated from over 80 providers.

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