NDrive Launches Nav for bada-powered Samsung Wave 525

Mobile navigation provider NDrive has announced today the availability of its navigation software for the popular Samsung Wave 525 smartphone, powered by the bada operating system.

According to market research firm Gartner, there were 2.5 million bada-powered phones sold in the third quarter of 2011; 80% of this number are 5 models: Wave 525, 533, 575, 578, and 723.

“Samsung Wave 525 and other ‘little badas’, as we call them at NDrive, are among the most affordable smartphones on the market. But despite of reduced CPU and graphics performance, these GPS-enabled devices are entirely fit for browsing, messaging, and turn-by-turn navigation. It was simply a matter of time to fine-tune our software for it.” – Ilídio Martins, NDrive’s lead bada developer.

NDrive was the first provider to have ported an onboard navigation solution to bada in June 2010.

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