NAVITEL announces release of cloud version of Navitel.Monitoring

Navitel.Monitoring is a modern GPS & GLONASS intelligence system of vehicle monitoring and management.

Cloud version of Navitel.Monitoring allows real-time web plotting of a vehicle location coordinates, determining its track, and monitoring other important parameters, such as mileage, speed, fuel consumption, and direction of movement.

The key benefits of cloud-based monitoring system developed by NAVITEL®:

  • The most detailed map on the market, huge experience of the company in the field of cartographic technologies.
  • Comfortable web interface, a great number of useful functions and small features aimed to ease the work.
  • Cloud computing based failsafe server powers.
  • Adaptation of the product to the user needs.
  • Deep and dual-sided integration with the 1C system.
  • Highly qualified customer service.
  • Regular updates several times a year.

Cloud version of Navitel.Monitoring is already working with a number of monitoring equipment manufacturers, such as Arnavi, AutoFon, GlobalSat, Storozh, GoSafe, Magnum, Navitelecom, Teltonika, Omnicomm, ADM, Std, GALILEOSKY, Ruptela, Stabliner, BiTrek. To see the full list of our partners, proceed to the “
Supported devicesâ€? section of our website.

In addition to that, integration with any other monitoring equipment is possible if requested by the customer.

With questions on cloud version of Navitel.Monitoring, please refer to the sales department of NAVITEL®:

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