Mapbox Raised $52.55M in Series B Financing

Mapping platform Mapbox announced today a series B financing of $52.55M.

“DFJ Growth led this round, and Randy Glein will be joining our board. Foundry Group is following on their series A investment. DBL Partners is investing from their new fund, with Ira Ehrenpreis joining our board. We’re also excited to have Thrive Capital, Pritzker Group, Promus Ventures, and Jon Winkelried, the former President of Goldman Sachs, join the team,“ explained Mapbox CEO Eric Gundersen in a blog post.

Created in 2010 and based between Washington D.C. and San Francisco (with data teams in Peru and India), it has a staff of more than 90 people. They already raised $10 million in a series A round in October 2013.

Mapbox is an independent mapping platform which core offering is to render map data for all sort of use cases and different platforms: web, iOS, Android and more. Map box just announced last week they will be powering MapQuest (read more here).

The DNA of the company is around open source software and open source data, i.e. Openstreetmap, but Mapbox platform can render any type of data: TomTom, HERE or any other mapping provider and also digital imagery (paid or free).

The differentiation brought by Mapbox since its beginning lies in the ability for clients to easily customize, design and – to certain extend – “brand“ their maps (colors, contrasts, fonts, zoom levels, details, etc).

While Google accustomed us to have one map for every purpose, Mapbox paradigm is the exact opposite, providing their B2B customers – and end users – one different map for each purpose.

See below a short overview of Mapbox map styling:

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