Jasper Wireless brings connectivity to Dash Express

Jasper Wireless, a licensed global machine-to-machine (M2M) mobile operator announced that Dash Navigation will rely on its service to provide the wireless connection to the Dash Express PND.

The automated provisioning process offered by Jasper Wireless enables Dash to cost-effectively support its retail business model and unparalleled end-user experience. Scott Barkley, vice president, products at Jasper Wireless said “what is unique with Jasper Wireless is the out of the box experience we can provide to Dash Navigation. Basically consumers will open the box and the SIM card we provide will be ready to turn on the connection without any need of a particular activation process”.

Dash has also fully integrated Jasper Wireless M2M Control Center capabilities, via its standards-based API, into its own supply chain management, order management, provisioning, and billing infrastructure. This deep integration simplifies operations and gives Dash one central location for all device and customer information, including communications.

Jasper Wireless offers local service in over 35 countries, and growing every month, giving Dash the option to seamlessly expand into new international markets.

When asked about the possible reluctance of the average consumer to pay a monthly bill for navigation, Barkley added: “My personal belief is Dash will make its subscription cheaper than what they have announced so far. Location-based advertising is a natural fit for their platform”.

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