Italian Bus Company SASA Deploys 1,000 Bluetooth Beacons

The Italian transportation company SASA has implemented an information service for passengers that uses 1,000 beacons from Romanian vendor Onyx Beacon.

Based in Bolzano, South Tyrol, SASA administrates a fleet of 160 buses and provides more than 22 million individual travels per year.

The company announced this week the release of a dedicated mobile application, called SASAbusAPP and the full implementation of an infrastructure of Bluetooth Beacon devices, placed both in transportation vehicles and in bus stops.

The beacon implementation was initially driven by the need to serve visually impaired passengers.

"To assist our visually impaired passengers in solving their specific problem of commuting, was very important for us. The initiative and the idea for this project belong to The South Tyrolean Blind Union.", said Stefano Pagani, President of SASA.

Furthermore, the use of beacons has been extended so that it can serve not only the visually impaired passengers, but all types of customers. The beacons detect App users who are within a bus stop or in a bus, and transmit them automatically via the app useful information related directly to the respective moment and the particular location of the user.

The users can also rate their ride directly from the app.

For Onyx Beacon this contract with SASA follows a deployment in Bucharest bus and bus station, demonstrating the interest of beacons in the passenger transportation industry.

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