Invensense Licenses Inertial Navigation Tech to Huawei

InvenSense, the worldwide provider of MEMS sensors, today announced that their Invensense Positioning Library (IPL) software sensor-assisted positioning technology has been licensed by Huawei for incorporation into the Kirin 950 mobile application processor platforms.

The recently launched Huawei Mate 8 smartphone is the first model to incorporate the the Kirin 950 and IPL technology.

The combination of sensor positioning with GNSS enhances navigation user experience by eliminating “GPS Signal Lostâ€? warnings and unnecessary re-routings in map applications due to GNSS multipath errors.

IPL uses algorithms that take sensor data from the mobile device gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer and barometric pressure sensors to generate an inertial navigation system (INS) that tracks the position change of a vehicle or pedestrian. IPL then combines the INS with GNSS to provide always-available and more accurate location data when GNSS is inaccurate or unavailable.

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