Invensense: From MEMS to Retail Analytics

MEMS vendor Invensense has made today a surprising move in announcing Coursa Retail, an indoor shopper location analytics and retargeting service for Brick and Mortar retailers.

Coursa Retail integrates into the retailer’s mobile customer application and uses existing motion tracking sensors in shopper smartphones to deliver insights into individual and aggregated shopper behavior in stores by recording and tracking the shopper’s path and dwell time at all points in a retail store.

“Coursa Retail is the first Software as a Service (SaaS) platform from InvenSense focused on indoor location analytics,â€? said Eitan Medina vice president marketing and product management at InvenSense.

“Insights from our platform can be turned into actions and monetized by retailers, enabling them to increase conversion and loyalty by retargeting customers from in-store missed conversions. The data from Coursa Retail can also optimize merchandising, store planning and staffing decisions.â€?

Coursa Retail just requires one bluetooth beacon placed at the entrance of the store (likely to wake up the app in the background) and the rest is operated by the SDK located in the retailer’s app.

Invensense is leveraging their MEMS sensor fusion know-how in various areas. A few months ago the company launched another software platform, Coursasports, to improve location accuracy and reduce battery consumption in smartphone and smartwatch health and fitness apps (read more here).

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