Intel Acquired Smart Eyewear Maker Recon Instruments

Last week Intel announced the acquisition of Recon Instruments, a Canadian company that sell smart glasses dedicated to sport people, and already raised funds from Intel Capital in September 2013.

In total the company raised $17 million over three rounds and the acquisition is said to be upwards of $175 million.

“This acquisition gives Intel a talented, experienced wearable computing team that will help us expand the market for head mounted display products and technologies,“ wrote Josh Walden, senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s New Technology Group.

“Customers and retailers of Recon products can rest assured they’ll continue selling, enhancing and marketing their products under the Recon brand without disruption,“ he added.

Recon was founded early 2008. It glasses offers athletes the opportunity to see important information (speed, distance, heart rate, etc.) with just a glance to a small screen located under the line of sight.

In the past Recon offered its technology in partnership with ski Goggles companies, then in April 2015 The company started to sell their Jet eyewear ($699) that targets runners and cyclists (read here).

It will be interesting to see how a consumer-facing company such as Recon will survive in the arms of a big B2B company such as Intel. One could only remember Telmap which was acquired by Intel in 2011 to be shut down less than 2 years later (read here).

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