IAA: Opel Shows IntelliLink App Platform on New Insignia

Opel displayed the apps “The Weather Channel”, “TuneIn”, “NPR” (National Public Radio) and “MiRoamer” at the Frankfurt show on the new Opel Insignia launched at the Frankfurt motor show this week.

These apps are part of the IntelliLink platform available across General Motors car brands.

The apps are replicated from the smartphone on the large screen of the car. The whole experience – managed via Bluetooth tethering – is quite fast and responsive.

The 8-inch Touch screen and the touchpad (see our video below), are also very handy to interact with the apps.

While GM claims to have 2,700 developers registered to a dedicated portal it is likely that very little of them are European. If not, why show American apps at a German/ European trade show? Getting the top local apps in each market in categories such as Internet radio, news, traffic and navigation will be key to provide an enjoyable experience to drivers.

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