Health Monitoring Wristband Buddi Gets Tiny GPS Module from OriginGPS

Small footprint GPS module manufacturer OriginGPS today announced that Buddi, a provider of assistive technology, has integrated the Spider module into its emergency alarm wristband.

The alarm, which works outside the home and even abroad, alerts remote family members of an aging person’s falls, location, and overall well-being, enabling older people to remain independent for longer.

The most recent and smallest addition to OriginGPS’ Spider family, introduced in Q4 2014, is the Nano Spider, a miniature GPS receiver measuring only 4.1mm x 4.1 mm, which is ideal for wearables.

“Buddi chose OriginGPS due to the compact size of the modules along with their low power consumption,” said Charles Lewinton, Buddi’s head of engineering. “Integration of the modules into the Buddi hardware platform was straightforward. When needed, OriginGPS provided excellent technical support and advice.”

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