HERE Issues Open Source Specs to Share Road Data From Car Sensors

HERE published yesterday an interface specification that defines how sensor data gathered by vehicles on the road can be sent to the cloud to update maps on the fly. The specification has been published under a Creative Commons license.

With a growing number of sensors in car and the connectivity there is a lot that can be done to share road information between cars, however, “there is a need for standardisation in terms of how the cloud ingests this sensor data for this system to work,“ HERE said.

The standard describes items such as, for example: lane recognition, road sign recognition, slope, road curvature, temperature, precipitation, object detection, and much more.

The proposed standard, because it carries a lot of information about the location of the car and its condition, takes care of privacy issues. “In the interface specification we are defining that vehicles don’t send individual vehicle IDs so they aren’t traceable. This means that if the vehicle is sending some data today and then the next day, we will not know that it is the same vehicle. We would be aggregating across many submissions but not across a single individual,“ explained Dietmar Rabel, product management director automated driving at HERE.

See below the specification:

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