Gimbal Beacons Complement Outdoor Advertising

Bluetooth Beacon vendor Gimbal has announced last week two deals with outdoor advertising providers that highlight the role of beacons as a digital add-on to traditional OOH campaigns.

The first deal is with Vector Media, a OOH company, specializing in large-format transit advertising, and traditional out-of-home media. The initial agreement will outfit 500 buses in Vector’s nationwide network with Gimbal beacons that will engage both riders and passersby within a 50-meter radius of the selected vehicles.

The Gimbal solution will give Vector’s advertisers the ability to push relevant offers, discounts and messages to users within that radius who have opted in to Gimbal’s mobile application publisher ecosystem.

The second partner of Gimbal is do it outdoors media, a national mobile billboard and field marketing company. As part of the partnership, beacons will be placed in the company’s mobile billboard units, which are all owned and operated by do it outdoors, along with placement on Segways, jet packs, brand ambassador teams and other field marketing activation sites.

When a consumer enters the beacon zone, effective from up to 50-meters to mere inches away from the beacon-enabled media asset, rich content will be delivered via a push notification within an advertiser’s own mobile app or by partnering with a third party mobile app that introduces the brand to new audiences.

“Gimbal has established the largest nationwide proximity network and through partners like do it outdoors media, our secure beacon technology is enabling out-of-home networks to connect digitally with smartphone users,â€? said Kevin Hunter, COO of Gimbal.

“Complimenting mobile billboards with a beacon-triggered digital engagement is an attractive solution for advertisers looking to deliver more targeted and personalized experiences to their key audiences. Further, Gimbal’s back-end data analytics provide the ability to measure specific proximity-based attribution, enabling these networks to show the value derived from a particular location,â€? he added.

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Download below a whitepaper commissioned by Gimbal about beacons and OOH advertising.

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