Garmin Acquires LiDAR Tech Company

Garmin announced today the acquisition of PulsedLight, Inc., a privately-held company founded in 2012 and designing optical distance measurement technology (LiDAR) located in Bend, Oregon.

PulsedLight’s product, LiDAR-lite, offers up to 40-meter range capability with 1cm resolution and operates at measurement speeds of up to 500 readings per second. It currently sells for around $115 online.

“Optical distance measurement technology fits in nicely with Garmin’s core competencies of location and positioning,” said Garmin CEO Cliff Pemble.

“We are excited to have the support of a technology leader like Garmin. They are able to provide the resources and manufacturing expertise to integrate our technology into incredibly useful new devices that serve a multitude of markets,” added Dennis Corey, president and co-founder of PulsedLight.

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